"Charity does not decrease wealth." Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

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Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Moreover, it is a Zakat al-mal and Zakat al-fitr are two forms of zakat that Muslims are obligated for It is mandatory for every adult Muslim who has the necessary financial means. Those who benefit from the taxes collected in a fund are explained in Surat Tawba, verse 60: “The Zakat (alms-tax) is only for the poor and needy and those who strive for administration (the Zakat), and those who whose hearts are to be won, and for the prisoners and the debtors and the cause of Allah and the traveler. (This is) a rule from Allah. Allah is Knowing and Wise. “

Zakat al-Fitr (fitrana) amount is $15 per person.


Fitra & Fidya $15 | Zakat | Sadaqa

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Hasene carries out activities in various fields in order to increase goodness. We are a charity that gives hand to the oppressed, victims and needy people living in different countries and regions of the world. We are the address of compassion, solidarity and sharing with our projects and campaigns. At the same time, we want to use our relief efforts and projects to build a bridge of solidarity between rich and poor and to strengthen cohesion between people of all nations and religions.
Hasene delivers aid to over 100 countries and currently has branches in 16 countries around the world.

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